And I love cats, , so this video couldn’t be better to tell you my way:





15 Ideas On How To Say Happy Valentine today and All Year Long:


1 – Get a new dress to wear tonight just FOR HIM.

2- Pin a tag like the ones we get at events on your shirt and write: :Hello, my name is Yourname) and I am Your Valentine

3- Re-Create your first date together: if you can wear the same things go to the same place, and laugh at how nervous you were!

4- Puzzle: write a love message on a card or paper , cut it in 4 to 6 pieces, and hide the pieces on his/her way to the bedroom, or diner table….

5- Gather on a CD or a USB key all your favorite songs that you used to meet on together…

6- Write a love song, even if you can’t sing. Actually write one ESPECIALLY that you cannot sing. Making a fool of yourself and in privacy at home is quite endearing.

7- Create a Love Mail boxe where notes , gifts, and thoughts can be left for each other, put a red flag or some other way of signaling there is something in it to be picked up




8- Impromptu anniversary: create one celebrating something about your relationship or your sweety. Make diner or go out to celebrate and aknowledge this spontaneous but sincere event.

9- Purge Surge: if there is something your sweetheart has been wanting you to get rid of for the longest time, wrap it up as a gift to him/her and give it up , Its more important to show that you will to make compromises than to hold on old things.

10- Newspaper Ad : find out the section of your newspaper prints personal messages and then write a love message to your sweetheart, when it appears , happen to read the newspaper together. Circle it or give clues that theres something special to look for.

11- An engraved token: have something common but symbolically significant engraved with a date or a message,
Like a fork engraved with the date of your first dinner together, or your house key with “my heart” on it, a personal object ….

12- Fix it: if your honey is like most people, there are numbers of lil’ life details that she never gets around to do, like changing the fridge bulb, getting the jacket dry-cleaned, moving the big dead plant to the dump, find a couple of things and get them done.

13- Gifts tickets: get tickets to an event that your honey has mentionned in passing or has pining away for. Hide them under her pillow or next to the morning cup of coffee as a casual, understated surprise.

14- Graffiti: Creep out early one morning and graffiti a love messagem draw a heart and arrow, in chalk where he can see it.

15-Chore-no-more: if your honey has been especially busy and is in a desperate need of a Saturday morning off, do the Saturday morning chores. Whether its washing the car, make a grocery run, clean the tub, do a laundry, sometimes it means more ta take care of mundane tasks than go to a fancy restaurant.


Happy Valentine



PS : Simply say your valentine that she is. he is Beautiful. That’s huge.


Where do You Back Up Your Files  from your Computer? ….If you ever back up your files….


Have you ever had a computer crash?

Have you lost a lot of files? Photos?Videos? Downloads? Music?

 Do you Backup?

On a regular basis?


Even though I have Time Machine which backs up my computer files every hour I also use an external (outside my house) kinda of a cloud backing up service.

Because what happens when I’m not at home and the house burns down? Even my mobile so practical  external disk would turn to ashes or at least be not usable anymore.

When Your Computer Crash  protect-computerfiles-shadow


Twice I had computer crashes. One with a PC and the other with a Mac.

I hate to say that my Mac crashed, because it’s my fault! A Mac indeed is supposed to never crash…. and it never does, until you treat it stupidly bad, like I did. See this post about that big mistake. 

While the PC crash was terminal,poor husband ,  and I only had a 2 or 3 month old backup ,

the Mac crash was not that bad because I had had time to backup everything because it had gotten really slow after I updated from Tiger to Snowleopard, I did not listen to “her” and continued to load videos although she was overloaded already…  In other words, I abused the system and he failed…. I could recover 90% of my files, but lost still 10%. I did not have timeline in place at the time, and on the PC my hubby lost almost 90% of his content….

Having two backup systems might be over doing it (as long nothing happens which I prefer) – yet a lot of people don’t even have one backup system in place. Or like I used to, a back up every other month or twice a year.


I strongly suggest you do what I did: watch the video presentation.

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Just in case something happens while you watch the video that explains the backup system and how to earn money with it, you will get a few emails with the link so you can go back again. And some tips. And some testimonials. You can unsubscribe anytime. No wrath will come upon you.

Its even better than just a presentation, its a mini course , this video is a great value and a clear presentation at once.

First Adam will tell you how he struggled, how he found out how to make money… fast. I found it very interesting, and started to understand how and why some people are making thousands and others didn’t.

Then he proceeds to tell you what he found and why he is using it and putting it into a system so you and I can use it to make money. And suddenly it all starts to make sense.

Protect your Files even if you don’t want to earn some extra $$


If you just want to back up your files and keep them save, wait for the video to finish then download the backup application. Everything is explained on there.

Protect your Files and earn some extra $$

If you do also want to earn money with it, follow the step by step plan. And I will get back to you.

Lots of people are making a nice extra income with this.

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ezmm method
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Happy Birthday



Here are selected for YOU 3 Happy Birthday videos !

1- The Rock’n Roll  Happy Birthday, my favorite! ( I Love Paul….!!)


2- The Funny Happy Birthday:

3- The Pretty Romantic Happy Birthday:


Give Yourself a Birthday Present Today!

Have a wonderful day.

Neucopia's power team

How I celebrate my 56th birthday and…. very soon on this screen!


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Do You watch TV and read the News?

We have seen in the last video that we need a game plan, and we’ve placed the foundation to this gameplan.

Before I show you what’s next for setting up this action plan, I want to tll you THIS, on tis video.
Watch it.



I’m expecting your comments below here now.

So before your do your assignments today, go ahead and share this post, like it and write a comment. And continue to think of that: make no Plan B if you want to succeed with Plan A.

And dont ask:

Oh well, what if my plan A is not so good, so solid…???

Dont be a wussy!

Make your Plan A solid as a rock. And work out your implementations-muscles!

Ready? rants on media and manipulation

Your assignments today:

1- take the responses to your assignments from the previous post - its HERE if you need it again -

take a new sheet of paper, or a notepad with excel on your comp,
and make 5 columns, for each one of your 5 choices for the 5 tops areas /activities of your life that you’ll be in this year:

under each area, write 2 big goals that you are willing to do in this area , 2 is the minimum, you can write as much as you want, but stay realistic!


2- Now you have your plan for 2013, write down your actions:
for each of the 10 goals that you came up with , write down the strategies to put in place in order to reach those goals, and the actions to do within the strategies.
Break down them into step by step processes.


3- With your actions and strategies written down, now make 2 others lists:
the list of all the persons and supports that you will use to follow your plan,
the list all all the tools that you have available , and have to purchase or get in order to make it happen fast!

and dont forget, SUCCESS LEAVES CLUES. Jim Rhon. so ACT FAST!

rants on media and manipulation




PS You still  need more ideas for your game plan,

and you really want your business to be profitable FAST in 2013?

Listen to THIS

PPS  You can implement right now your first actions, and find the persons to bring you support , without medias nor manipulations join us HERE

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